I had my first birthday! I’ve decided that I like birthday cake very much and I point to it every time I see it, but somehow Mama and Daddy haven’t figured out that that means they should give me some. I am trying to learn to talk so that I can communicate what I want better, but so far all I’m able to say is, “light.” Talking is more difficult than they make it look. I love to practice walking. I can take 4 or 5 steps on my own, but it’s more fun when I hold Mama or Daddy’s hand because then I can walk anywhere I want.DSCF8591DSCF8613

We love having Jonny Peace around and are really excited to welcome another little one to the family too!  We are expecting baby #2 to show up sometime in May, just in time to get a passport before heading off on our next adventure in Central Asia.  Until then we are loving life in sunny Sydney.  We’d love to have you over for a cuppa if you have a chance to pop by!