Life in the Big Smoke

The 29 days of February have come and gone and can you believe it, the Millers stayed in one place for a whole month!

The days have been long and warm. Jono has been busy at school teaching 27 eight and nine year olds. He comes home most days to a busy and tired household and a little boy with plenty of energy remaining. Weekends have been treasured family together times.

We have started to pack, give away, or throw away some of our things. It is amazing how much one can accumulate and how easy it is to find silly attachments to things.

Jono has also been back to training with Beecroft Rugby Club. Hopefully he will get to play one or two games before heading to a land where he may actually be one of the nation’s most experienced rugby players!!

Central Asia

We are really excited about an opportunity to work in Central Asia and hope to leave here at the end of July.  It will be great to share photos and stories with you as things unfold.  Watch this space!


Marie’s Corner

I’ve been feeling a lot better since last month, which has been a real relief for me. Only 11 weeks to go till the due date, so I’m busy trying to finish up my continuing education for the year and get a few other projects done before baby number 2 arrives and demands all my spare time.

Jonny Peace’s Piece

I am a busy little boy. Today I’ve been practicing all the words I know – parts of my face with Mama and colours with Dada and food with anyone who will give me some. I also showed Mama how to kick a ball back to me when I throw it to her. She took me to a park to run around and try out all the toys this morning so now I’m having a rest after all that exercise. I’m dreaming about all the fun things we’ll do when Dada gets home!