Plans Schmans

I sit here in an internet cafe in Chernivtsi, a town on the border of Ukraine and Romania.
I spent a couple of days travelling to Rivne before Christmas, and then a couple of days eating lots of yummy food and playing 500 with Daniel.
Then another couple days driving here and yesterday i tried to cross the border to Romania to celebrate New Years with friends there and i was informed that i have a document missing. I had checked with Ben about all the documents he needed when he did the trip last year and i have all of those documents. But this is Ukraine! They have introduced a new law since then and i need to have another document.
Today i spent the morning running around trying to get that document to find out that i cannot get it here, i have to go back to Kyiv Region to get that document, and because it is New Year, no document processing place will be open until Tuesday.
So i have parked my van here in Chernivtsi. I will catch the train back to Kyiv, aim to get the document Tuesday morning and train back here and cross over to Romania next week.
Not the way i planned it - but hey - "that's life!" as they say.

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I have a new international career.
I'm writing this BLOG sitting in a dingy little underground bar that's pumping out "we built this city on rock and roll". I'm eating something that is supposed to look like pizza and drinking lemon fanta.

My location - Xelm, Poland.

I'm here just a few hours before the next train back to Kyiv. It was necessary for me to exit Ukraine having been back here for 6 months already.

(INSERT: - I just bent my fork on the pizza - it could be a chore to eat it!)

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Jono's Medical Advice 20/08/05

Don't get sick!!

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Sneaked Out for a Bit

I sneaked out of the hospital, ate a banana and bought two snickers bars to snack on later. Found an internet cafe and thought I'd drop you a line. They want me to stay a minimum of five days. They have me in the infectious disease hospital since they don't know what I got (I just call it Delhi Belly).

I'm going to try and get a translator later today to argue with them and let me go today or tomorrow at the latest. I could just run away but they have all my details.

After that I still have to get back to Rzh. I only have the clothes I am in. I haven't showered in 2 weeks, and have been in these clothes for 2 1/2 days. My pants are falling down so I guess I've lost weight.

But thanks for praying, also the community in Rzh has been amazing with phone calls, SMSs and care and concern.

Be back to normal soon.
Keep Looking Up (as my Gran would say)

Selfishness Fails!

I left on the first boat this morning and headed to the nearest city, Sevastopol. I was here with 3 spare hours to find a place to watch the rugby.
But alas, i could not find a restaurant, pub or hotel anywhere that would show Sky Sports (what is the world coming to?) So i've ended up at in internet cafe watching the live updates on the screen. Like this one:

"The final siren sounds and the All Blacks secure the
30-13 victory over the Wallabies after trailing by 13 at the start of the first half"
It sounds exciting but I'd love to see it, so if anyone taped it could they please send it to me.

Going to try and meet up with the rest of the group now, they wanted to come to Sevastopol later in the day.

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up

No Success Without Pain

I'm in Sevastopol and have 15 minutes in an internet cafe before getting on the next bus. We are staying on the beach near Balaclava on the southern most tip of Ukraine.

Last night I woke a few times and listened to the people staying up all night talking. I wondered how much longer before my alarm would wake me. Eventually at 4:15 the alarm started to beep and I begrudgingly dragged myself out of my sleeping bag, pulled on some clothes and met about 8 other keen but bleary eyed people from our group.

We headed along a little goat track that wound up and up and up. It was still dark as we left but the light gradually took over.

About 1 1/2 hours later, we stood atop a mountain watching the sun rise, the fog lift and gazed out over the majesty of the Black Sea.

On the way up I was wishing I was back in bed. I was wishing the girls in front of me were not so fit so I wouldn't feel so bad about being beaten by a girl.

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