FEELING SICK (written on an airsickness bag)

On a plane

Oh the pain

40 hours

40 years

Going round and round

The carrousel

With no luggage

Travelling light

Less to carry

But you rush

What’s your hurry?

Got to get there

Then the next place

But the smile has left your face


Not this station

Got frustration?

Need elation?

Oh the pain

On this plane


2008_1018everybodydance0056The fortune belongs to a young man named Sasha from Odessa. On Friday he won 250 000 hrivna on the final of Everybody Dance. I was talking to him before the show and he said if he wins he wants to open a dance school in Odessa. Earlier I was supporting my friend Lida. It was fun being on Ukrainian television and I even made their evening news. You can find the clip in their archives or watch it right herejono at stb

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Artificial doors

Artificial light

In the belly of the earth

Out of sight


Hiding from the bad?

Hiding from the good?

Separatists unite

As they should?


Seven hiding in a group

Two alone together

One with all his thoughts

Sits and thinks about forever


I want to have all the answers

And I do

But they’re not found in me

Or in you


So why do I talk

My ‘wisdom’ I expound

A never ending circle

Where truth is never found


Unless I stop





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2008_1018everybodydance0063Stuck in traffic! A rainy late Friday afternoon and I'm stuck in a propka. The name for a cork is the same word for a traffic jam. I see a sign for the metro system so I pull up on the footpath, park the van and head to the underground. 15 minutes later I'm waiting in the rain with some friends. I have a silly hat, a sign that says Lida for president, and I'm wondering why for the second time in a few weeks I forgot to bring a jumper when the weather is below 10 degrees. Eventually we hop on a bus and are transported to some weapons factory that has been converted into a TV studio.

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"Have mercy on me O God - because of Your love and Your kindness. Look down on me but do not see my sin. Remove it from before Your sight and mine. Cover me because of the blood of Your Son's death. May Your mercy restore me. May Your punishment be stayed. Lift me up. Set my feet on the Rock. May they not stumble again. May my foot not be moved. May my faith not waver. You have proven time and time again that You are faithful - You are trustworthy. Cause my faith in You to grow. May your mercy and grace be the crowning marks of my life. May my mouth sing praise and joyously tell forth all You have done and will continue to do. Let me dance - let me sing - may my heart be lifted up - may I see You my King, and live - Have mercy O God upon me - a sinner."


DSCF2914This is the Ukrainian acronym for my business. Yesterday we signed our first contract. Here is a photo of Katya - the first student to join our classes. We signed up four students yesterday and have another sign-up evening today. Classes will start next week, and I expect they will grow by word of mouth.

I'm not normally a nervous person. I have been more nervous at various times this week than I can remember in a long time. I am very much aware of my inabilities. I am thankful for the many people who have helped thus far.

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When I returned home to Rzhyshchiv, the cat which was hanging around last year was still here and pregnant. Mark and Jacqui,2008_0817cat0014 friends from NZ have befriended it and now I have three kittens as well, Kiwi, Smokey, and Chunkey. They are beginning to become used to being fed and loved. I still haven't relented and let them inside yet. But I must admit they look rather adorable - but then they grow up don't they?!?

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