Monthly Newsletter December 2010


Last month we had an epistle from Natasha. This month I have little to say from UTSIM. I will endeavour to have a half yearly progress report for you in January.

I do know that UTSIM is struggling to make ends meet and I am in the process of nutting out a solid business vision and mission statement and rough plan for next year and into the future. I need to make wise and solid decisions, combining the gifts and opportunities I have with the needs of the people in and around the area of Ukraine.

LIFE OUTSIDE OF BUSINESS (or inside Australia)

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Monthly Newsletter November 2010


This week I have an epistle from Natasha. I’m going to give you my translation of her letter. On my website you can read from all the UTSIM staff as well as the Ukrainian version of Natasha’s letter.

My name is Natalia Kurilko, I am 24 years old. God blessed me with a good husband and two young children (Liliya - 3 years, Denis - 6 months) and a responsible job, which I love - working as the Deputy General Director of UTSIM.

What're included in my responsibilities? Many different things: for example I am responsible for accounting, for the correct calculation and payment of all taxes and reports for state bodies, organizing all legal documents for foreigners who work at UTSIM, including their registration in Ukraine, etc. And after our CEO, Jonathan Miller, left us for Australia, in all documents I am the CEO of UTSIM, although it’s not really me. For all significant financial decisions Neil has taken the responsibility for 1 year, and he is a volunteer at UTSIM.

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“Desire nothing for thyself, seek nothing, be not anxious or envious. Man’s future and thy own fate must remain hidden from thee but live so that thou mayest be ready for anything.”

(War and Peace)

Monthly Newsletter October 2010

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Monthly Newsletter September 2010


Summer is over. I received an SMS that said “someone turned off summer”. We are having cool nights; the leaves are turning brown and even starting to fall. Holidays are over, school is back. You can feel, even smell the change in the air.

Change comes to us all. Sometimes we welcome it like a breath of fresh air. Other times we resist it – even detest it. But life goes in seasons and we must adjust. I can’t blindly refuse to acknowledge winter and go on wearing shorts and singlets just because I love summer.


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Monthly Newsletter August 2010


This road is old” “I believe I can fly” “Can I tell you something Uncle Jono?” “I’ve got a plan” “I don’t wanna sleep here, it’s boring” – quotes from Benji.

Today I read The Hungry Caterpillar to a little boy I’d just met and he wanted me to read it again.

I remember taking a bike ride in the western part of Brisbane about 17 years ago. Although I wasn’t exactly sure of where I was going – I had a policy of don’t turn around. There is a way ahead. Don’t put your hand to this plough and look back. Did I get lost? Well I’m here now so I guess I didn’t. It’s a matter of perspective. Sometimes along the path things make as much sense as the ramblings of a child. But when I listen to a child – I can listen to the words, or I can listen to the heart. Dostoyevsky said “The soul is healed by being with children”.

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Monthly Newsletter July 2010


This month has turned crazy. I feel too busy and too tired to write something inspirational, challenging, motivating or even funny. I can’t tell you all that is on my mind. I’m not sure I can even understand myself – but next month . . . .


There’s not a lot to talk about for UTSIM in the month of July. Basically the main activity is the documentation process required for some teachers who we are inviting to come and work with us in the coming school year. I have some documentation issues regarding my University degree. It has been lost in transit while I was sending it away to get an Apostil required for authentication here in Ukraine. I will need an authenticated replacement before September or October.



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