Miss is that a wig you are wearing?


I’ve been in London for less than a week but it’s been go go go. Here are a few of my impressions, thoughts, observations and happenings.

  • Students calling me ‘miss’
  • Students asking me if I’m wearing a wig, pulling my hair and saying “Ooooh it is attached!”
  • Everyone on the tube reading the tabloids
  • People thinking the tube is crowded (come to Ukraine and I’ll show you crowded)
  • Getting up at 5:30 am and getting home at 6:30 pm
  • Finding a Russian shop just up the road from where I’m staying.
  • Ruth watching lots of cooking shows in TV (and cooking great meals too)
  • Fast wireless internet
  • A great view of London from the top of the London Eye
  • Hearing many languages spoken and sometimes not even understanding the English


February 2007 Monthly Update


Going somewhere away from home
Not going to work or school
Eating more than usual
Staying up late and sleeping in
Playing more games
Watching more TV
Spending more money than usual
More time with friends and loved ones
Maybe the above statements are true for you. They often are for me. Sometimes I fear there is a lot of self indulgence in a holiday.
My current ‘holiday’ is quite a long one and so I am also working for a part of it. I was keen to be back in the classroom teaching as well as it being a good way to pay for the holiday.


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Hurry and order your own unique set of hand painted original wooden Ukrainian Nestling Dolls.

Went to the football

Went to the football (soccer) last night.
It was Ukraine vs. Scotland and a qualifier for Euro 2008. I bought 15 tickets a couple weeks back and had a whole bunch of friends from here and Kyiv going. I also had a Scottish mate living in Ukraine come and stay before the game and help get me pumped up and enthusiastic for the game. He gave me a Scottish flag, hat and make do imitation kilt. Seeing as I have Scottish blood (I think my great Grandfather – is that right Mum?) I decided that supporting the Scots would be the way to go.

Simeon (Scottish mate) and I had a great time around the city before the game. We must have had our photo taken with well over 100 people. He left me at the gates to go the Scottish section where he had a ticket. I went to my section and found my Rzh friends there, but the police decided that as I was dressed in Scottish outfit it would be dangerous for me to sit there. They first came and told my friends around me to make sure they didn’t touch me (quite funny) then they decided in fact to move me.

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AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE! Australia Day 2006

January 26. The alarm sounds and I bounce out of bed, ready for a good ole Aussie day! Then I remember that this is Ukraine, it is about minus 20 and I still have no running water. So its heat up some water for a bucket bath.
After my bucket bath I must decide what to wear. First of all Speedos. Its Australia Day so we will definitely be going to the beach. Now for the warm clothes. Green and gold socks (Beecroft Rugby), an Australian T-shirt on top of my jumper, my Australian Army jacket and an Akubra.

Some careful make up jobs were next on the list. A flag on one cheek, AUS on the other cheek and green stripes in my hair.

Now time to pack up the vegetables I managed to buy in Kyiv the day before, the cream cheese and the sweet chilli sauce. The most money I have paid for food in a long time.

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Surviving the Cold

Its nearly midday Sunday. I'm just taking a break in attempting to get water to my house. I have the pump inside thawing out. I have a heater on in the bathroom trying to thaw out the pipes inside the bathroom walls. I have a fire lit outside the house against the wall where the pipes are. The wall obviously needs repairing as the smoke from this fire is going through the wall and filling the bathroom (and these walls are about a foot thick). I have the gas burner going in the pit next to the well (where the pump goes) to thaw the ice from the pipe that leads from the pump to the house.
And its minus 20 outside so as I work outside I come in regularly to get warm again.
Living without water is not fun - but it is a good excuse not to do the washing up!
Love Jono
Keep Looking Up

Jono Miller
Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 73:28


Right now outside it looks like a lovely sunny day. But don't be fooled - the temperature is on the rise and it is now minus 21 outside. I have been outside once for about 3 minutes to get some things out of the van and man it was cold. I'm not sure what the temperature was when I got up this morning because it was lower than my thermometer records. I have the furnace going full blast but the house is still not really warm - I have my thermals on inside!
But the really fun thing is that the water pipes have frozen. I'm not even exactly sure where they are frozen - I think inside the wall where they come out of the ground and into the house. So I have no water.
Soon I need to go out. At least I know my nose won't run - it will freeze before it can drip!
Wow - this is the coldest I have experienced.
Enjoy summer!!

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