JUNE 2016

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Introducing Will

We are praising God for the healthy birth of William Kind Miller on May 14th at 5:05am. He weighed in at a healthy 3.860kg (8 pounds, 7 ounces) and was able to go home the day he was born. He has been a delight to us already as we’ve had the last two weeks to start to get to know him. He only has two tasks, to eat and sleep, and we are pleased that he does both quite well! Our boys are a blessing that we don’t take for granted.

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Introducing Will


William Kind Miller arrived three days early on the 14th of May.  He and mum are both doing well and are now at home.  Visitors welcome!

May 2016


The Cat’s in the Cradle

I received the following text message from Marie today. “He just tried shaving his face with your razor. It was kind of cute. And scary. But cute. He wants to be like his Daddy.” The way Jonny imitates me is flattering. From the words he says, to the way he walks, to what he does with his hands. He is going to grow up just like me! I hope he can recognise the gold and dodge the dross. God is still refining me.

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March 2016


Life in the Big Smoke

The 29 days of February have come and gone and can you believe it, the Millers stayed in one place for a whole month!

The days have been long and warm. Jono has been busy at school teaching 27 eight and nine year olds. He comes home most days to a busy and tired household and a little boy with plenty of energy remaining. Weekends have been treasured family together times.

We have started to pack, give away, or throw away some of our things. It is amazing how much one can accumulate and how easy it is to find silly attachments to things.

Jono has also been back to training with Beecroft Rugby Club. Hopefully he will get to play one or two games before heading to a land where he may actually be one of the nation’s most experienced rugby players!!

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Family news for January 2016


Marie’s Corner

Just before Christmas, we found out that our new baby is another little boy and that he is growing well. We are very thankful for another healthy pregnancy. We are excited to meet our new little guy in May! After having a pretty easy first trimester, the second trimester has been rough on me physically, but the last week and a half have gone well so hopefully the hard part is over for now.

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My First Birthday!!

I had my first birthday! I’ve decided that I like birthday cake very much and I point to it every time I see it, but somehow Mama and Daddy haven’t figured out that that means they should give me some. I am trying to learn to talk so that I can communicate what I want better, but so far all I’m able to say is, “light.” Talking is more difficult than they make it look. I love to practice walking.

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JAM April 2015


Jonny Peace is 4 months old already. He really enjoyed meeting his Kiwi grandparents a few weeks ago and Mama enjoyed being able to sit down for a cup of tea every day during his bath time. I’ve enjoyed the ups and downs of living away from home for 6 years, but am starting to feel the pull to be near family now that I have a baby. It doesn’t look like we’ll be moving back there any time soon, but we are all really looking forward to a visit later this week and introducing him to his American fan club. Come to think of it, Jonny has quite a few people eager to meet him on most continents!


We have had a busy month. My parents came for a visit. It was great for Jonny to meet them and vice versa. They certainly enjoyed doting on him as well as helping with washing the dishes and washing the baby (but not together).

I turned 42.

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