How much is too much to drink? I guess that depends what you are drinking. Last week I drank a lot. About 65 people and a few dogs spent a week on an island in the middle of the Dnipr River and it was hot. Really hot! I think I may have drunk more water than I have all year. I am aware health experts say we should all drink a decent amount of water every day. Usually I don’t. But when you are hot and thirsty, a good long drink of refreshing water is the perfect antidote.

Another person drank too much. Every year for camp we have taken our water from a nearby well on the mainland. The caretaker there has often given us varying degrees of welcome/hostility. This year I noted that the old guy had grown a beard and become a lot more friendly. That’s until Dan went to talk to him and found out it’s a new guy. The old guy had drunk too much vodka, fallen into the river and drowned. Vodka was his constant companion. Yes, you can drink too much.

What about another kind of thirst? When your soul is thirsty, from what well do you drink? And how long and deeply do you quench your thirst?


I have been back in Ukraine now a little over a month. Thanks to those of you who over the years have prayed for my boat and have helped with the eventual upgrade a couple of years ago to a more reliable motor. It has been a vessel of blessing to many Ukrainians.

Much of the rest of my time here has been divided between catching up with friends and working on some basic maintenance and cleaning of my house. Please pray with me as I am still unsure of my future in Ukraine and working out how to be a good steward of the things I own is not an easy task.

I have enjoyed the interactions I have had with both good friends and acquaintances. I have had fun remembering how to use my rather limited Ukrainian and yet get by anyhow.

It’s also been fun having a few games of cricket. There is a wonderful opportunity for someone who loves people and cricket to come and be a coach.

This week I am excited to have a friend come and visit for a couple of weeks. I also plan to have a few weeks in the middle of summer away from Ukraine visiting a friend in Central Asia.


I feel almost totally out of touch with life back in Australia. I heard that Queensland won the State of Origin by a point. It means nothing here. I am not there, I am here right now. I actually really like Facebook because of the life I live in more than one place.

Ruth and Jon are doing well and Ruth says the baby is now a large sized mango.

This monthly update is less on words and more on photos instead.


I am reading Out Of The Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis. A favourite author of mine I am slowly getting into the book. My idea of lots of reading time during the summer has somehow not eventuated.


Jon and Ruth for calling me when I needed it.