The Kyiv Metro system has some very long escalators. I like waving to all the people going the other way and calling out “hello” or “smile”! Most people try to stare straight ahead, but some will smile or wave back, and the other day someone called out “Jono!” Kyiv is a small place!!

Rural Ukraine Foreign Language Services
Last month I told you about this new focus and the last 4 weeks have been focused on pursuing this. I have met with countless people, searched many pages on the internet, and so far have nothing concrete to show for it. Sorry, I do have one thing – I now have a tax file number here in Ukraine. Also I have found out a lot of information, much of it contradictory or confusing. I have found a number of people who are interested in the idea and some who say they want to help after I first get registered.

I am thinking of teaching a few people from home on an informal basis, to get a start and to raise more interest.

Olya (my translator) worked for me for the best part of 4 weeks. She has now finished up and gone back to Poltava.

What Ya Readin'?
I read a helpful little book called “Foreign to Familiar” by Sarah Lanier. I highly recommend this book for anyone travelling to another culture or even for Sydneysiders living in a multi-cultural society. An easy reading and very insightful book on cultural differences. 4/5

I also read a copy of the Darwin Awards which I picked up in a second hand bookstore. A pointless little book with a few laughs. Mankind can be so stupid – there are people out there even sillier than me!! 2/5

Dan and Xan for the TimTams for my birthday.

Love Jono
Keep Looking Up